What to Expect With Your First Stitch Fix

What to expect with your 1st Stitch Fix

I finally did it!  I’ve been wanting to try Stitch Fix since I first heard about it last summer. Sean even got me a gift card for my birthday, but I kept putting it off.  With school starting up, and the Influence Conference just around the corner, I decided to finally sign up for my first fix.  What is Stitch Fix you ask?  It’s a personal online styling service that ships directly to your home.  You pay a $20 styling fee and they choose 5 items for you based on a style survey and your own personal feedback.  If you keep at least one of the items, your $20 goes towards that purchase.

I had read other friends’ reviews of their first experiences and had seen a common thread: the more specific you are with your likes and dislikes, the better your fix will be.  I’ve also heard that if you request the same stylist for future fixes, they will begin to have a better feel for what you’d like to keep.

I tried to be very specific about cuts and fabrics I like.  I mentioned I wanted a pair of colorful jeans, but I also have kind of short legs, which they kept in mind.  I also mentioned that I’m going to a Black and White party soon and included the link to my Pinterest style board.


So, here they are!  My first item was this black and taupe tunic.  Can you tell by my face I’m not really sure about it?  The pattern is a little out of my comfort zone, but what really got me was the texture.  It was a rough synthetic material that wasn’t very comfortable.  I did kind of like the cut, though, just in a different pattern and fabric.


Here’s item number 2.  This was a black and white cardigan, kind of Jackie-O-esque.  I liked the idea of it, and it was soft.  But, when I put it on it felt kind of older and boxier than what I usually like to wear.


Now item number 3 I was surprised by. It’s sleeveless and has a cool scooped back, which I normally wouldn’t even try on, but I really liked it!  Unfortunately, it’s not a very practical buy for me right now.  It was the most expensive thing in my fix, and I can’t really wear it to school. So I don’t think it’s going to make the cut.



The last two items were a pair of red jeans and this stripey shirt.  I love the jeans.  They are a nice color, material and fit!  The shirt is also totally up my alley.  I have a weak spot for stripes.

So, what do you think?  I’m leaning towards keeping items 4 & 5.  This will stay in my budget and satisfy my practical side.  I will definitely try Stitch Fix again in the future.  It was fun to try on clothes I would never pick out for myself at the store. Even the red jeans, I probably would have passed by.  And who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?


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