Thirty Years of Being Sarah!

So, it’s my Birthday. My thirtieth to be exact. Surprisingly the number hasn’t really scared me or made me anxious. Twenty-nine was pretty great, so I have high hopes for my thirties!

Sarah84_87(1984-1987: Shortly after I was born to my Third Birthday)

I have been feeling a little nostalgic though and over the last week I’ve been combing through old photos. I was having such a great time I decided to scan some from each year of my life and make a little pictorial timeline. I might be the only one who gets a kick out of it, but maybe you can relate to some of my awkward middle school photos or love for American Girls. So, get ready for a little (or a lot of) overview of thirty years of Sarah!

Sarah87_88(1987-1988: Third Birthday to Fourth Christmas, My grandma made my cousin Darla and I matching sweaters)

I tried to find as many birthday photos as I could, but some are just of me being me. I like the one of me below in fifth position on a family vacation when I was six.

Sarah89_91(1989-1991: Fifth Birthday to Seventh Birthday)

My cooking passion started a young age with plastic food and kitchen tools.

Sarah91_94(1991-1994: A bit of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades)

You can probably tell I had a thing for American Girls and legos during this phase of my life. And there might be a whole year of photos when I have no top four teeth in front. It was pretty awesome, only down side was that it made eating apples near impossible.

Sarah94_96(1994-1996: 4th, 5th and 6th grades)

That’s me in ballet class in 5th grade, I really liked the ballet skirt I got for Christmas that year. And yes, for my 12th birthday I got a boom-box and a Mariah Carey CD, and I really am excited about it, even if my face doesn’t say so. I also got glasses in sixth grade, I was not so excited about that.

Sarah97_99(1997-1999: 7th, 8th and 9th grades)

In 8th grade I started attending the Houston Ballet Academy and in 9th grade I got contacts, so things were looking up. You might not know it looking at my 15th birthday picture though, yikes that’s a snarky look!

Sarah00_02(2000-2002: The rest of High School)

High School was a fun time, full of mostly friends and ballet. Probably the best Birthday in High School was my 16th, when my friends threw me a surprise party! It was awesome and I was very surprised.

Sarah03_07(2003-2007: College)

TCU! For one of my most memorable Birthdays in college my Jarvis friends totally decked out the entrance to my room and even made a list of 20 reasons they loved me. I still have it. They totally made my day. Month, really.


A lot has happened since I graduated college, but I’ve also had the blog, so you’ve seen some of the highlights. Here I found some of my favorite memories, mostly with Sean. But, Oscar has his fair share of photos too, and in most of them he is some how sitting in my lap, hmm.

Going through these photos has reinforced to me how blessed I’ve been. I really hope during my thirtieth year, and for years to come, I am able to bless others. I’ve had such wonderful friends, opportunities, encouragement, and love. My goal for 2014 is to really focus on giving back these same things to the people I encounter and spread love and joy wherever I can.

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  1. Awesome!

  2. dawn stom says:

    You are just precious! The one of you and your friends dressed up is so cute. You remind me of an American Girl doll there.

  3. You know I loved all of these. You have grown from such a cutie into an awesome young woman. Hope 2014 is even better, I hadn’t seen some of these pics, you even found several with both brothers smiling. LOL


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