The Elder Street Art Market!


Yep, mark your calendars for December 7th, 2013 everyone.  I did it!  I just signed up for a booth at the Elder Street Art Market!

Every year my church, Ecclesia Houston, hosts an Art Market at the beginning of December and 20% of all of vendor’s profits go to Advent Conspiracy.

For the last three years I have gone to this market and walked around wishing I was a part of it, thinking to myself I could totally do this and it would be fun.  I love making art, crafts, jewelry! But I let the lies hold me back.

You’re not creative or talented enough.

No one would want to buy your art.

It will take too much time and money.

I could go on, but you get the point.  Maybe you have the same lies floating around in your head.  Well it’s taken me a while, and I still have to remind myself daily that the lies are not true.

I’ve been thinking about opening a shop for a few years now and I had wanted whatever I sold to help support an non-profit in some way.  This opportunity is a great way for me to do both!


I had also always held back because I didn’t have all of the details ironed out yet.  I’ll never have all of the details ironed out though, and I don’t have to.  After hearing many of the speakers at the Influence Conference I truly believe that when I give my dreams, blog, photography, and creativity to God, He will show me the details in time.  Me sitting around and wishing and hoping without action won’t get me anywhere though.

So if you’re in Houston December 7th, stop by the Elder Street Art Market.  It’s a great place to buy Christmas gifts, and they have food trucks and live music as well.  In the mean time, I covet your prayers.  I have a lot of creating to do over the next two months!

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  1. You may have had doubts, but it sure isn’t because you’re not talented enough. The other stuff you’ll have to work between God and you. You go girl.

  2. Thanks Aunt Jan!


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