What I Learned Making My First Quilt

I've shared a bit about making my first quilt in my last post. Here's the front finished. And here's the back! During the process I learned some key sewing strategies that I hope will help you on your next sewing venture. The Iron is Your Best Friend: Boy, did I learn this fast and hard. All those little triangles seemed like a lot to iron so I started off not ironing the seams open after I finished a row. But after trying to sew two rows together with unopened seams I … [Read more...]

How to Make a Triangle Quilt

Or maybe this post should really be titled How Not to Make a Triangle Quilt. Or how about What I Learned Making My First Quilt. Because yes, I chose a triangle quilt as my first venture into quilting and I definitely learned a lot during the process. It all started with Pinterest (doesn't it always) where I saw this great triangle quilt tutorial and thought, I could totally do that! I set out to get my fabric and made sure to get a little more than the pattern called for, just in case. … [Read more...]


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