DIY Paper Mache Animal Head: The Fox Edition

A few months ago I posted this tutorial on how I made a paper mache zebra head that was inspired by Lil Blue Boo Blog's tutorial . This spring I decided to make another mounted paper mache head, but this time a fox! I also did a better job at documenting all of my steps from start to finish. First I cut out a piece of foam board to start off the head, and to make sure it was a good size for my wooden plaque. Then I built the basic shape I wanted from crumbled up newspaper and … [Read more...]

DIY Tutorial – Paper Mache Animal Heads

Specifically a zebra head! Meet Zebulon, Sean named him while I was woking on him one day and it stuck. This summer I had the idea of doing a mounted head as an art project and after searching the internet for a while I came upon Lil Blue Boo's Blog (which is super great by the way!) and her Unicorn Paper Mache Animal Head Tutorial. I used her newspaper and masking paper construction method to build the basic shape of the head, and let me tell you, paper towel paper mache is the way to … [Read more...]


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