Caramel Apple Blondies

Today is officially the first day it feels like fall here in Houston! Sean and I started off our day at the Pumpkin Patch with my brother's family. I'm excited to post pictures soon. Somehow I let the month of September slip by! These last few weeks have been busy with school getting back into full swing, and I decided to take an online class this semester about web design. I'm really excited to apply what I'm learning to customize my blog. When I think of autumn, apples come to mind, … [Read more...]

DIY Tutorial – Paper Mache 3D Letters

Or, if you want to be fancy pantsy about it, Papier-mâché. I decided to make some 3D letters for my classroom this summer after seeing Mrs. Nights Artroom posted on Pinterest. I went shopping first trying to find letters that I could buy and then just decorate, but after looking around and letters that were big enough for what I needed were out of my price range, so I decided to make them myself. The process was easy and cost me under $10! I started off by drawing each letter nice and … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation – Last Little Bit

Here are the rest of the photos from our vacations to Gulfshores, Alabama, although these photos were taken two totally different places! We went to Fairhope, just north of Gulf Shores, for an afternoon and found this fun place called Dr. Music. I had taken a picture of the outside of the store a few years back, but had never gone inside. To my surprise it wasn't just records and music as I had thought! They also had used books, and vintage suitcases, typewriters, radios, and more … [Read more...]

Quick Zucchini Tart

The zucchini plants in my garden didn't do as well this year as they have in the past. This year has been much more damp and a little more mild, as far as Houston summers go, and they just didn't seem to be as happy. Almost everything else in my garden has had a record year though, so it ends up balancing out. I did have a hankering for zucchini the other day and I needed an excuse to use the puff pastry in my freezer.  After rooting around in my refrigerator I came up with this delicious and … [Read more...]

Orange Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies: aka Jason Cookies

I really like oatmeal cookies in general. With raisins, with butterscotch chips, chocolate and coconut, the possibilities are endless. When our friend Jason said one day after church that he liked orange cranberry muffins and wondered if you could make those flavors in an oatmeal cookie I said to myself, "Challenge accepted!" So, here they are Chewy Orange Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies or the Jason Cookie. Chewy Orange Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies Adapted from Smitten Kitchen's Thick and Chewy Oatmeal … [Read more...]

May Garden Update

I was up early this morning and took advantage of the cooler temperatures to take some more pictures of the garden. Houston has been blessed this year with a mild spring and which I think has really helped the plants have a great start. We have bell peppers, poblanos and jalapenos coming in. There are lots of green tomatoes, these ones are cherry tomatoes! I can't wait until they've ripened. I've already eaten two eggplant and I have a least four more coming in. We have some … [Read more...]

Baked Chocolate Donuts

If you know me well, you probably know I love donuts.  This past weekend Sean and I went to go see The 5 Year Engagement, which was entertaining and a good laugh, and part of the story has to do with people eating old donuts instead of waiting for new ones to arrive and what this says about their emotional well-being.  Anytime this plot point came up all I could think was I would probably eat both, especially if they were Dunkin Donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  Just saying. I try … [Read more...]

Weekend Brunch: Cheesy Herb Waffles Florentine Style

Lazy Saturday mornings are one of my favorite things. Sean usually makes me coffee and eggs and we can both relax for a bit before starting our weekend to do lists. This morning breakfast was a combined effort and we made cheesy herb waffles with sautéed spinach and poached eggs. Delicious! I have poached eggs before, but they have never turned out as pretty as they did on this day. I recently read an article about poaching eggs were they recommended putting some white vinegar in the … [Read more...]

Vegetable Garden Update!

I finally got my act together and have my summer garden up and running and I'm very excited about it. Last year I was a little more on the ball and had early spring vegetables like broccoli and peas in the ground by February, but some how February came and went in a flash this year and getting the garden ready just didn't happen. Here's what the garden looks like as of this morning. About a month ago Sean and I cleared the beds, which were very overgrown with weeds because we never had a … [Read more...]

Orange Marmalade Muffins

Earlier in the year my uncle sent me two delicious jars of orange marmalade he made from the oranges that grow in his yard. It's great on scones and toast but I was trying to think of some other ways I could use it when I found this recipe. I had never thought to put the marmalade in the muffins! It is a delicious combination and they are fast and easy to throw together. I'm pretty sure you could also swap out the marmalade for other preserves if you have a surplus sitting around this … [Read more...]


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