More Gratefulness!

I just finished my third week of practicing daily gratitude and it's amazing how I've started to look for the good in my everyday life. I've always been blessed and I thought I was good at recognizing it, but I feel even more cognizant of it now. Little details, small moments and big gestures, they are filling my life more joy now that I am looking for them. Here's the run down on #GratefulNovember week 3! Day 15 Last weekend was full of photography sessions and the weather … [Read more...]

It’s All About Family Over at A Sharper Focus Photography

New Family Portrait sessions are up! Take a look! … [Read more...]

A Grateful November Update

I'm so glad I decided to take the #GratefulNovember challenge. Some days I feel thankful for practically everything, and other days I have to dig deep. But, the longer I practice, the easier it is to be filled with gratitude! Day 8 I'm grateful my in-laws take the time to schedule dinner dates with us! It's always nice to share a meal and catch up with them. Day 9 Sean and I both have busy evening schedules right now, so it's nice when we can both slow down and relax … [Read more...]

Lots Going on Over at A Sharper Focus Photography!

Take a look over at A Sharper Focus Photography to see more of these two! … [Read more...]

A New Post Over at A Shaper Focus Photography!

Click here to see what's new! … [Read more...]

Grateful November

Lara Casey posted this on Instagram on November first. I had been thinking about trying to do some kind of daily challenge for the month of November, and I knew I needed to keep it simple, and this challenge fulfilled my criteria so I decided to go for it! I'm so glad I did. This month has been busy, and next week only looks busier, but the exercise of focusing on what I'm grateful for each day helps me stay centered. Day 1 I'm grateful for my best friend and husband. We have … [Read more...]

Busy Good, Busy Bad

It's been a good busy these last few weeks. I'm really enjoying a steady stream of photography sessions. Such as this fun family in my latest family session. Yet, I've also had time to work on some of my art for the upcoming market. Here a few new Paper Mache animal heads in the beginning stages. I do need to make more concrete weekly and daily goals with my creating though, as the date is drawing closer. I'm really enjoying my school year and am having a great time being … [Read more...]

A New Post Over at A Sharper Focus Photography

Check out the highlights from this wonderful family session! … [Read more...]

Shop FashionABLE and Their Third Anniversary Sale!

If you haven't already heard FashionABLE has 30% off their entire stock through tomorrow! They are celebrating their third anniversary of empowering women in Africa to support their families and be a vital part of their local economy. I love their scarves, as I pointed out last year, and they now also have a wonderful line of leather goods. I got to see many of these products in person at the Influence Conference, and the craftsmanship beautiful. The holidays will be here … [Read more...]

New School

I've enjoyed settling into my new school this year. At the start I was both nervous and excited about the switch. I had been at my other school for so long, I knew the kids, the staff, and how things ran. So, it was a little scary being the newbie and feeling out of the loop, but everyone has made me feel so welcome. Below is my new team on story book character parade day. We're all characters from Dr. Seuss books, unfortunately my fellow art teacher, Thing 1, was sick that day. You … [Read more...]


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