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I’ve enjoyed settling into my new school this year. At the start I was both nervous and excited about the switch. I had been at my other school for so long, I knew the kids, the staff, and how things ran. So, it was a little scary being the newbie and feeling out of the loop, but everyone has made me feel so welcome. Below is my new team on story book character parade day. We’re all characters from Dr. Seuss books, unfortunately my fellow art teacher, Thing 1, was sick that day.


You like the blue hair? I’m finally feeling more confident with most of my kids’ names. There are still a few of those super good, quite ones that I forget from time to time.

The other art teacher and I have started an awesome project to auction off at our school Fall Festival that I’m really excited to share more about. (Hint: It involved lots of water bottles and colorful Sharpie markers) I’m going to devote a whole post to what we are making after we finish them up. Did I mention I’m working with another art teacher! I’m not the only one in the school and it’s awesome to bounce ideas off of each other and be able to help each other out. Plus she’s probably one of the most positive people I’ve ever met!


Here’s a little tour of my art room. As you walk in, this color theory board is to your right, and I have a storage room.


Across the room from my door you can see all of the windows my room has. On sunny days I often just open up the blinds instead of turning on the lights. It’s very nice.


Here’s the back of the room. I have even more computers now that I’m excited to use for stations throughout the year.


Here’s the view from standing under the windows. I made more tissue paper pom-poms this year for table colors, but since my ceilings are so high I had to hang them on a grid of fishing line I engineered. It’s fun to see the kids trying to figure out how they are hanging when they come in for the first time.


I’ve also had the privilege of using my photography for the school. On Wednesday mornings I get to walk around and photograph the students and the great projects and exciting activities they are creating in their classrooms. We show the photos on the morning announcements, and the kids love seeing themselves and their friends across the school. The district also uses school photos on their home page and our students have been featured several times already this school year! It’s very exciting for our kids.

Stick around for some cool art projects my students have made this year!

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  1. Love all this info about your school! It’s great to hear what other schools do! I love that you get to use you photography at work! What a great idea! I’m sure you do too! 🙂

  2. Love learning about your new school, looks like it is really going well. By the way, you will always be Thing #! with me. Cute.


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