May Garden Update

I was up early this morning and took advantage of the cooler temperatures to take some more pictures of the garden. Houston has been blessed this year with a mild spring and which I think has really helped the plants have a great start.

We have bell peppers, poblanos and jalapenos coming in.

There are lots of green tomatoes, these ones are cherry tomatoes! I can’t wait until they’ve ripened.

I’ve already eaten two eggplant and I have a least four more coming in. We have some Black Beauties and a Japanese variety that are long and slender.

We’ve had lots of cucumbers.

The first yellow squash and zucchini also came in this week. The black berries look like they’ll be ready any day now, right now only these three are ready. About two weeks ago I also started getting lots of green beans. I’m hoping they’ll re-flower and I’ll get some more before it gets too hot.

I had two strawberries. That’s right had. Did I get to eat them, no. There was a raccoon visiting earlier this week and I witnessed him eat the two ripe ones! Rude I know. Hopefully I’ll actually get to eat this one and the others that are coming in.

Can you believe how tall everything is? It amazes me every time I go out to the garden. And to end with a picture of the sun rising through the trees because I thought it was lovely. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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  1. David Pope says:

    You garden with tender care and love. It is a work of beauty. I gardened in the past when I was your age. I did not garden with tenderness. It was not a work of beauty. I guess once might say it was a utility garden worked with duty. However, the green beans I canned certainly tasted good during long Illinois Winter months.
    Take care, Deryln

  2. What a beautiful garden! Good work, Sarah. Is school out yet?


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