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If you ask Sean what blogs I check everyday, first one he would say is Young House Love, then a close runner up the Bower Power Blog. Just ask him, I bet that’s what he’d say. So, today when he heard me gasp from the other room and then possibly squeal a bit and then all I could do was point to my computer screen and say, “She likes my fox…” He wasn’t surprised and instead totally let me have my awestruck fan moment.

DIY Paper Mache Fox

Check out Young House Love’s post today about decorating Clara’s room! The second to last link in the post will bring you back to my Paper Mache Animal Tutorial, the fox edition. So, Thanks Sherry over at Young House Love! You totally made my day, possibly week and month… Yay! And if you haven’t been keeping up with Sherry and John’s inspiring blog, I highly recommend you go check it out, like now!

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  1. OK that is so cool!! I read this blog nearly everyday (even though I don’t have a house). Congrats on being featured that’s pretty awesome!!

  2. Sallie Harper says:


  3. AHHHHH!!! So cool, congrats!!!


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