How to Make a Triangle Quilt


Or maybe this post should really be titled How Not to Make a Triangle Quilt. Or how about What I Learned Making My First Quilt. Because yes, I chose a triangle quilt as my first venture into quilting and I definitely learned a lot during the process.

It all started with Pinterest (doesn’t it always) where I saw this great triangle quilt tutorial and thought, I could totally do that! I set out to get my fabric and made sure to get a little more than the pattern called for, just in case. After all this was my first quilt.

Jessica does a great job in her tutorial showing you how to cut out your triangles, such a great job in fact that I thought, well I have this extra fabric I bought “just in case”, I should just use it all for triangles and make the quilt a little bigger.


So I did and I laid out all of my triangles in the entryway so I could make sure I liked the way the colors looked together. Looks pretty big, right? (Sorry about the Instagram filter) It filled up the entire entryway! By this time I was wondering if cutting out those extra triangles was such a great idea.

Then I started piecing each row together, then I sewed the rows together until I had the whole front. Now that sounds easy, but I managed to go through three sewing machines during this first process. The one I started out with was my Grandmothers, purchased the same year I was born, and the plastic bobbin casing broke. I was quite distraught! Then my friend let me borrow her machine, which I ended up having problems with, but that ended up being because my needle was dull. Then a second friend let me borrow her machine, that was a little more heavy duty, and I ended up finishing the quilt on it. Quite the journey, I know.


Since my quilt was much larger than expected, I couldn’t use the width of two pieces of fabric I had for the back, so on the spur of the moment I made a stripy design with left over fabric on the back so that it was big enough.


I used white flannel as my batting, since I live in Texas and wanted to be able to use the quilt year round. I pinned the edges of all three layers and quilted them together in stripes.

And then I made my own binding using this great tutorial. This is the part that took me the longest. I only spent maybe three weeks on the body of the quilt, but hand stitching the binding took me months because I would only work on it for maybe an hour at a time, maybe once a month. I found out I really have to be in the mood to hand sew. The quilt ended up being big enough to generously cover a twin sized bed, which really isn’t that big, but for your first quilt it felt like quite the feat.


And I haven’t even told you all I learned yet! It really was worth it. I guess I’ll have to make that part 2…

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