February’s 30 Acts of Kindness Roundup!


This month I had fun doing my acts of kindness during National Random Acts of Kindness Week.


I started out the week with a Starbucks treat for my Instagram and Twitter friends. I had seen some others do this before and thought it was a great idea. All you have to do is purchase a gift card, register it online with the Starbucks App, and then take a screen-shot of the barcode. Then post that screen shot on Instagram and you can gift coffee to your friends across the country! I really wish I could have had a coffee date with everyone, but this was my second best option.


There was also a necklace giveaway. I made heart necklaces similar to the ones I had sold at the Art Market in December and did a drawing for each one.


I just sent those out this week, so if you won a necklace look out for some happy mail coming your way soon!


I also created some Encouragement Cards to pass out. I ended up just leaving them around different places I went, for others to find to brighten their day.

These are the cards I made. Feel free to print them out yourself and share with others!


All week I also taught my kids about Random Acts of Kindness. I think this was one of the most rewarding things I have done yet. My students’ kindness and generosity melts my heart!
I already have rotating stations my students use when they finish all of their work for the class, so we decided to add a Kindness Station to the mix. I filled a box with colorful paper, markers and stickers for students to create kindness cards for others. They also brainstormed a big list of nice things to tell others that I printed up and put in the station. They are so excited to give their cards to loved ones, and many have told me they have hidden cards around the school! I think if they would have had time, some would have made tens of beautiful heart felt cards to give to others.

I thought when I started my 30 Acts of Kindness for my 30th year it would just be fun to give back to others and brighten their day. I had no idea how blessed I would be in return! I was not expecting the kind words and gestures I have received. I feel I have truly seen the love of Christ through the actions of others and I am so honored to be part of that experience.

I am definitely fired up for March, lets keep the kindness coming!

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  1. Thanks again for my best scarves! At the farm and the brown one is excellent 🙂


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