DIY Masking Tape Paintings


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you are having a great day spending time with your friends and loved ones. This past weekend I got to spend the afternoon being artsy with my nephew.


We gathered up some small canvases, masking tape and craft paint to create a fun Valentine’s gift for his parents, and a piece for himself.


We decided to practice first making a “C” for Corwin and an “I” for Ian. I cut the masking tape to piece together the letters and smoothed them to the canvases. I showed Corwin how to blend the different colors together to cover the canvas, and he had a great time creating new hues.


When they dried we had fun taking off the tape to reveal our creations. I then wrote “Love” with the tape and Corwin went about painting that canvas for his gift.


This was a fun and easy project for the both of us, and the possibilities with masking tape are endless. I hope get the chance to create something fun with someone you love this week!

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