DIY: Ikea Sindal Door Mat Hack


It’s been too long since I’ve shared a DIY project, and I thought an Ikea project would be a great place to start!  I bought this Sindal Door Mat for just over five bucks this summer. Here’s a close up from the Ikea site of what the door mat looks like without anything done to it.


I used painters tape, a can of spray paint, a few colors of craft paint, and a stiff brush. All items I had around the house from other projects I’d done. Also, from start to finish the project only took me about two hours.


First I wrote “Home Sweet Home” with the painters tape.  I started with the middle most letter and then worked my way out so that I could try and keep the writing as centered as possible.


I then covered the whole mat with a few layers of white spray paint.  It won’t make the mat white, but it was a good base to paint over, making the craft paint brighter later on.


Next, I decided to add a herringbone pattern with more painters tape over the words and base coat.


From there I added color with the craft paint by dabbing it on with a stiff brush.  Using the dabbing motion helped keep the paint in the tape lines and pushed it deeper into the texture of the mat.


Here it is before I took all the tape off.


And, after!  It’s a little busy, but I’m really happy how it turned out.  It makes me smile when I walk through the door.  Thanks Ikea for a fun $5 project!

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