DIY Tutorial – Paper Mache Animal Heads

Specifically a zebra head! Meet Zebulon, Sean named him while I was woking on him one day and it stuck. This summer I had the idea of doing a mounted head as an art project and after searching the internet for a while I came upon Lil Blue Boo's Blog (which is super great by the way!) and her Unicorn Paper Mache Animal Head Tutorial. I used her newspaper and masking paper construction method to build the basic shape of the head, and let me tell you, paper towel paper mache is the way to … [Read more...]

DIY Tutorial – Paper Mache 3D Letters

Or, if you want to be fancy pantsy about it, Papier-mâché. I decided to make some 3D letters for my classroom this summer after seeing Mrs. Nights Artroom posted on Pinterest. I went shopping first trying to find letters that I could buy and then just decorate, but after looking around and letters that were big enough for what I needed were out of my price range, so I decided to make them myself. The process was easy and cost me under $10! I started off by drawing each letter nice and … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Winter

We've had a very mild winter here in Houston this year, but in third grade we've been dreaming about colder climates. After looking at snowy birch forests, we used cool colors to create these landscapes. The kids got to create their trees with masking tape on watercolor paper. After they painted the sky and removed the tape, it's like they had just performed the best magic trick ever, they were so excited! … [Read more...]

Houston Love!

This is what I did this morning as a header for a possible new blog. Having time off from work is fun. Now off to more pressing maters like cleaning out my garden. So many weeds, yikes! … [Read more...]

Advent is Here!

I hope everyone is having a great first Sunday of Advent. Scott Erickson is the artist in residence at Ecclesia, and a few weeks ago he gave the congregation an Advent art assignment. I was excited to have an art assignment of my own, as I am usually the one doing the assigning. The church had pre-cut MDF squares, about 20 x 20 in, to make their own piece of art if they wanted to participate. This is what I came up with. I started out by gluing torn paper to my board. Sean then helped … [Read more...]

Pinterest: One of my Favorite Sites

Beware, if you are easily sucked into online visual worlds for hours at a time you might want to stop here. Pinterest is an awesome site that catalogs images from the web into easy to navigate 'pinned' picture walls. You can search by subject or member, and if you apply for a membership yourself you get to pin your favorites on your own walls. Do you see how dangerous this can be? Well at least for me. In all seriousness though this site is really awesome. I have been bookmarking pages … [Read more...]


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. There was some much needed relaxing and I was still able to check many things of my to do list. After looking for Christmas stockings for Sean and I, I decided to make them instead. I had a great time making them and am feeling inspired to do more sewing projects. I would like to make more stockings too, but Sean and I really only need one each. We went to Hobby Lobby together to pick out our fabrics and both found linings that we really liked. Plus … [Read more...]

A Crafty Day

Today I was finally able to do some sewing that I have wanted to do all break. I made a cozy cover for my laptop and a giant decorative pillow for my bed at school. I'm always afraid that when I put my computer in my messenger bag it is going to get scratched, but now I have no worries. I used polartec fleece so it's cushiony and I also made it reversable so I can change the color. Here are some pictures. It's kinda girly, but hay I am a girl. Here is the pillow I made. I really like the … [Read more...]


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