Busy Good, Busy Bad


It’s been a good busy these last few weeks. I’m really enjoying a steady stream of photography sessions. Such as this fun family in my latest family session.


Yet, I’ve also had time to work on some of my art for the upcoming market. Here a few new Paper Mache animal heads in the beginning stages. I do need to make more concrete weekly and daily goals with my creating though, as the date is drawing closer.


I’m really enjoying my school year and am having a great time being creative with my students. The school’s Fall Festival is coming up soon and the kids have created these awesome chandeliers for the silent auction!


All of these things are good, as they should be, but I also need to remember to stop, breathe, and enjoy. I can get so focused on what I’m doing, I easily push back the reason I’m doing it.

I am also guilty of staying busy to avoid things. That’s the bad busy. I am a great procrastinator, and often a very productive procrastinator, which I fear is the most dangerous kind.


I know I need to tell more of my story and I often catch myself saying, “well I’ll do that after the holidays”, or “I need to make something right now instead”. And, I do need to make things and be creative, that’s what I was made to do. But, I also need to tell more about me and I need to listen to what God wants me to share. I’m trying to listen to Him, so He’ll give me the words to say and the time to say it.

So, I pray as the Holiday season swings into full gear I stay busy in a good way, while finding balance with rest in Him.

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