30 Acts of Kindness


One of my goals for this year is to be more deliberate in serving others. Turning thirty, going through old photos, and being nostalgic has really reinforced how blessed I am. There have been many times when others have done small (and big) things that have made my day and brought me so much joy. I really want to share those same things with others.

So, I have to decided to decree this Sarah’s 30 Acts of Kindness year!


I was just going to make it 30 acts of kindness for the month of January, but with my schedule it just didn’t seem right. I didn’t want to just do something, anything that was kind. I wanted my acts to be deliberate, intentional and from my heart. That’s also why I’m not calling it random acts of kindness. Some of the things I hope to do might effect people I don’t know, but the act itself will be intentional.

I plan to do 2 or 3 acts each month, and then towards the end of each month I’m going to post about it here. Now, I want to make something very clear. I don’t want you to think I’m doing this for praise or recognition. I actually thought about doing this on my own as a little secret. But then I thought, what if other’s join in with me? What if we could multiply the joy and kindness in the world with just a few acts a month for all of 2014.

Will you join in? Even if it’s just one time, or once a month, it will still be one more gesture of kindness that brings joy to someone else that wasn’t there before! Plus it would be a really great birthday gift to me. (Insert my cheesiest smile here!)


And, if you do join in I want to hear about it! Tag me in your photos @asharperfocus. Write a response here on the blog. Or, we can get really fancy. Get ready for it: #30ActsOfKindness !!!

I know I’ve kind of sprung this on you at the end of the month, so don’t worry about January, unless you just feel like being a real go-getter. Then by all means go for it. I’ll be back on the 31st with my run-down of how January went. Prayers and ideas are also welcome. I’m excited to see what this new venture holds!

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